How will 3Rs help us?

What is 3Rs? Waste management has been a pain in the neck. It is a struggle for every individual.

We all want an environment that is livable, conducive and free of any dirt that might breed vectors, diseases etc.

However, as the population is growing so also our consumption rate, hence large amount of waste being generated. How do we now manage these wastes? This is where the struggle/problem lies.

Have you heard of golden rule of waste management? The almighty 3Rs!

Yes, this is where the solution lies, to combat the menace of large amount of waste being generated day in day out. It is very simple and it is our helper, if only we can abide by this rule.


It’s no news some individuals consume or use more than what they needed- It is a shared responsibility to put a measure to what you need to avoid being wasteful.

A lot of materials are out there or in your household which are reusable- instead of them lying around in your household or environment, why not put them into use. Stop turning them into wastes, then in no time you will think of buying that same materials again. You have people around you, who will put them into good use, why not dash them out instead of letting them pollute our environment.

Recycling- we lack knowledge of how many materials around us that are recyclable. A lot of big company are out there, they are secondary users- using recyclable materials as their raw materials to make a new products.

Pet bottles, Nylon sachets, Green bottles, Car bumpers, Aluminum cans, Metals e.t.c. All of these are recyclable- check now, check around you now! they are lying around useless in your environment. A lot of people are making money Recycling, creating jobs and at the same time saving our environment by generating Zero Waste- Now, it is the time to cultivate the habit of 3Rs.

One step at a time, no procrastination and let action begins. You will be amazed how we can achieve a lot to save our environment or planet in order to create a livable and conducive environment using 3Rs.

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Using technology to leverage waste management Service.

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The Golden rule of Waste Management 3R- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

In my last post, I promised to visit the the 3R of waste management.

It is no doubt that, improper waste management has been a common ground for breeding of different diseases and can also lead to urban violence.

However, with all hands on desk following the golden rule of 3R, we can be the solution to the problem created in the first place by ourselves.

REDUCE: We can all reduce waste by being conscious of the materials we buy and are not useful for a very long time. For example- we can buy energy bulb which has a longevity than ordinary bulb, we can buy exact measure of materials needed instead of buying in excess hence lead to waste. The list goes on.

REUSE: Most of the materials we have at home are reusable. Our shopping bags, old shoes and clothes that suppose to be given away to those who needed them. That materials that can be recoverted to another useful materials at home. Like our old furniture e.t.c.

RECYCLE: Lots of waste materials are recyclable. We need to sort our wastes turning them around to something more useful- organic wastes can be turned to compost, PET plastic bottle are used in manufacturing of new materials. Thanks to ADIDAS, most of their new products are from the plastics recovered from the Oceans.

Ecleankd is bringing this and more awareness to save our planet. There is no other planet we can go and as such, the time is now to stop polluting our air, land and poisoning the water we drink through improper practice of waste management.

It is our collective responsibility.

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Our wasteful ways: Danger to us all.

We all breathe in air, walk on the land and drink water.

Now this is the gist, our planet is growing exponentially, so also our consumption which lead to large amount of waste being generated.

This revolves round how we end up be wasteful, without paying attention to our environment.

Our air is polluted, land polluted and water poisoned.

I hope you remember “Water Cycle”?

Maybe or maybe we forgot… What we give to the nature, nature give it back to us.

Waste Management has been a great challenge all over the world. However, the responsiblity lies on each one of us to save our ecosystem.

The 3R comes into play: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Yeah! Stay on this space while we win this battle together using 3R.

This is going to be enlighten, informative and entertaining while I breakdown the 3R of waste management into pieces in my next post.

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I am for the green! See ya all.